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Pixelated text reading "Level Up", with an arrow on the first ascender in the "u" in up.

This guest post is by Nicole Lambe, an ebook devloper at House of Anansi Press in Toronto. She is a graduate of Humber College Creative Book Publishing Program, and a passionate accessibility advocate. She is on Twitter at @xnicolelambe. In…Continue Reading →

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This article is by Matthew C.C. Chan is an ebook developer and currently the Cross-Media Assistant at House of Anansi Press/Groundwood Books in Toronto. His work involves turning typeset manuscripts into elegant, accessible ebooks for a variety of reading platforms. Interests include…国外梯子

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As the Falcon Heavy rocket ascends, it hits one spot in the atmosphere with the exhaust causes a nice contrail.

In the world of ebook development, tools that support making better ebooks are hard to pick out from the tools that simply automate without adding quality. I am especially interested in tools that help make more accessible EPUBs. GreenLight from…Continue Reading →

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This is a cross-post on behalf of the Publishing Working Group, a division of the W3C. We Need Your Support: Join The Effort to Update The Tool We Use to Validate EPUB Files Work to update epubcheck and make it…Continue Reading →

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Illustration of three monks working in a scriptorium

This is a guest post form the chairs of the EPUB 3 Community Group, Dave Cramer and Rachel Comerford. We live in exciting times for the world of ebook standards, with the IDPF-W3C merger and web publications. Yet for most of…Continue Reading →

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A maintenance release of EPUB Checker came out on July 30, 2018. There are no new features but it does now support: Supports Java 9 & 10 Has Japanese translation Does update checks & downloads via HTTPS/SSL An important note:…Continue Reading →

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Let’s talk for a moment about what an oxymoron is. It is a figure of speech in which one or two words that seemingly contradict one another appear side by side. Oxys means sharp, and moronos means dull or stupid…Continue Reading →

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This is another in our ongoing series of guest posts, this time from Rachel Comerford, co-chair of the EPUB 3 Community Group and a contributor to eprdctn. Her full bio is below. What is EpubCheck? The first question I ask…Continue Reading →

Notes from Berlin: DPUB Summit Highlights


This is a guest post by Ken Jones – Ken specialises in writing workflow applications and offering training and consultancy for publishers on print and digital workflows. Ken’s company ‘Circular Software’ provides software tools and services for a range of illustrated…Continue Reading →

Access-Aide, a New EPUB Accessibility Plugin for Sigil


This is a guest post from #eprdctn old-timer, Keith Snyder from TypeFlow Books. Your Ally in #a11y My appreciation of Sigil as an EPUB editor is longstanding. I don’t use anything else—no oXygen, no Dreamweaver, nada. One of Sigil’s handy…Continue Reading →

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